“Better to illuminate than merely to shine”

Thomas Aquina

I have a an affectionate relationship with lamps. Maybe it is because I live in a country where we for several months each winther have so short days, and ditto long nights with total absence of daylight?  Then the lamps are literally the bright spot in every room and has a great impact on how we react to the room. 

I like that my lamps give a warm soft feeling.  They are handmade of natural materials, like raw silk, linen and wool from old Norwegian spælsau. That is Norwegian sheep being treated well, living good lives outside, in accordance with their nature. The wool have not been treated with chemicals and the colors of the lamps are the ones of the sheep. The large meshes of the shades, makes a soft filter for the light.

I believe it will contribute to a nice atmosphere in any room they get to illuminate. No lamp is equal to another,  and if you listen it will tell you its story.

I produce lamps for sale. Because they are handmade products, that take a lot of time to create I sometimes sell them out faster than I manage to produce them. Please contact me if you have questions or special requests.

IMPORTANT: As the shades are made of wool. It is important not to use light bulbs that do not get too hot,  in order not to harm the wool in the shade.  (You can get scorch marks).  I recommend dimmable vintage LED bulbs (warm light), LEDdoes not get hot, or low watt halogen.


Marianne Vigtel Hølland