Knitting is a slow process. For many people it is a way to relax, let your mind fly while your hands are doing their thing.

I’m one of those people, and more than following a recipe I love to use the knitting sticks to explore own ideas.

Sometimes I succeed in making something nice, other times… well, either way it is part of the fun not knowing what the outcome might be. With these lamps I was so happy that I had to “fill up” our cabin with them.



Start with the wire, I have used needle nr 4, and added up 8 stitches. Make sure it is not too tight so you will have problems with pulling the cord through.

Knit the “stocking” at the same length as your lamp cord. Then you increase to cover the lamp socket. How much and how fast you increase you will need to customize to the shape of the lamp socket. If you increase too much too fast you will get a “bubbly” result.

When you get to the part where you would want the lamp shade, you can switch to thicker needles and / or knit lace pattern to allow more light through. I have varied hole size and length of my lamps, and think it’s nice that there are not two alike.

When the lamp is finished, pull the lamp cord through. I taped a knitting needle to the wire to easier get it through. The lampshade you stiffen up with strong wire so that it will not get near the bulbs.  I would maximum use 25 W in these lamps.

This is a easy and fun project I hope you will enjoy.

Good luck


I use the gorgeous yarn from “Færder Får”.  This yarn is completely natural and contains much lanolin. The beautiful structure and colors of this yarn give a natural feeling to the lamp. In addition, it makes me happy to know that this yarn originates from the ancient sheep breed of “old Norwegian Spelsau”. I have bought the yarn from the sheep farmer. It is not  currently sold in any store, but if you should be interested in this yarn I’m more than happy to assist you. You can also order directly from their webpage. 
I had the pleasure of designing their pages launched in 2015. Please visit to have a look. (They are in Norwegian) .