the happiness of being sad..

Ananda refers to a joy that “changes and dances itself in many ways to enthrall your mind and keep your attention occupied and interested forever”.

"Melancholy is sadness that has taken on lightness."

- Italo Calvino


The bright warm (well not always that warm) summer days will always be replaced by dark and moody autumn nights.  And this will always evoke the melancholy in me, and call for different activities.  I do like a bit of melancholy but I find it good for my mental health to spend some time reflecting on the gifts the passed season have given me before I fully embrace the new one.

I can do this as I watch the leaves slowly turn yellow and red. Or as I pick the last flowers in the garden. But mots of all I get a bit emotional when we take our sailboat out of the water in the autumn.  She is better off lying dry and safe at land in the winter (allowing us to do some  much needed maintenance on her quite old body). 

Her name is Ananda. It is sanskrit for happiness or bliss, and I find it to be a very good name. She has given us much pleasure.  

Yesterday was the day when we took her out for this seasons last trip. It was such a perfect day for it, the weather was warm, the breeze was gentle, and the light was amazing.  
The short but sweet voyage,  gave me time to reflect over the past summer, and give thanks to all the the good memories Ananda has given us this summer.  As I was looking for ways to describe the mixed feeling of sadness and happiness I felt during this mental excercise,  it occurred to me that the sort of  wistful feeling of gratitude yet sorrow for something good being over, just ads another layer to her name.  

These photos is my little visual meditation on the subject. Now I welcome autumn with an open heart! 

Marianne Vigtel Hølland