To spin a thread is not hard.
It happens as the fibers softly slips through the hands while spinning around several times
and becomes a unique thread – length by length.
In the beginning the fibers determines the appearance of the thread
but at some point the hands take over the control.

04.03.2015 / Words: Vigdis Valde / Photo: Vegard Valde


My fascination with this process began as a University student back in the late 90s. I would knit to allow my thoughts to flow free…

Eventually a desire to own more of the process emerged. I wanted to know the sheep that gave me the wool. And I wanted to spin my own yarn.  There was this need to both master, shaping and understand the materials.

It took several years before I realized with both brain and hands that this would be possible to me. The crush I felt for the feeling of forming a thread with my own two hands prolonged. Now it has grown into  a lifelong love.


Vigdis Valde is a primary school teacher in arts and crafts, with  qualifications in textile culture. You might know her from the tv program “Nasjonal Strikkenatt” “National Knit Night” on NRK (Norwegian Television)  in November 2013. Vigdis has a wonderful understanding of  textiles, through the whole process from from spinning through the loom, knitting or crochet needles to the most wonderful creations.

On the internet, she goes by the name “Filletante Fish Fish”.  It is highly recommended to visit her  blog Filletante Fish Fish. You can also follow her on Instagram under the same name.