Slow Design is not all about the production of new products.
Treasure hunting and being able to see the potential in what already exists should also matter.



The story of the little Vintage shop,  “Fransk Bazar” is a classic. French boy meets Norwegian girl. Off course they fall in love. Since they both have children neither of them are able to move there will be a lot of traveling. So how can they best organize their lives?  The answer evolves slowly. When in Paris, Nina spends her time skimming second hand shops and markets.  Many treasures is the result of her hunt, in Oslo Didier spend his time brushing up the same treasures.  He is especially fascinated by the French industrial classic  Jieldé lamp. Soon all the stuff  take over their homes and they realize they need to get rid of some. On the Norwegian online sale market they get to know more people like them selves. People who prefer things with a past. And with a taste for used and unique furniture instead of new and mass produced. The project starts to feel like a living, and soon they have their own shop.

Now you can enjoy a peace of  Fransk Bazar in a beautiful little shop i Grünersgate 5, Oslo. There you will meet Nina or Didier, unless they are trawling the markets in Paris. And for those of you who do not live in Oslo and cannot come to experience this oasis of a charming thrift may follow them on (They are of course also facebook and instagram.)

I got to know Nina and Didier a few years ago, helping them with their concept and the development  of their different social media platforms. It has been a pleasure to know them, and to follow  their journey which is far from finished.