Words: Heidi Bjørnsdotter Thorvik / Photo: May B Langhelle


Working with birch bark is an old technique. In the old days it was common to make artifacts ofaccessible materials.  Never binding is not that easy to learn. It is time consuming and you would need to do some planning.

The never should be collected during spring or early sommer, while the sap makes it come off easy. It could be stored dry for years, but before you start working, the material should be soaked in water.

This particular star is made of thin birch strips and will require some practise, but don`t give up, – as you might already now, practise makes perfect.

The images are from the book «GOD JUL» (meaning Merry Christmas), also released in Germany where it is called »Natürlich schönes Fest».

Foto: May B. Langhelle

Foto: May B. Langhelle