Photo: Jonas Lindström

Amazing hats from the depths of the Swedish forests. Horisaki is a design duo consisting of the married couple Horisaki. Milliner Karin and Jewelry Designer Makoto met in Stockholm in 2010 and shortly after putting their handicraft skills and creativity into the new label Horisaki. With influences from nature and past cultures, where accessories had a purpose, their handmade hats honors the traditions of the trade.

Swedish and Japanese craft traditions united in a product that will be worn with pride by any given person who puts it on his head. Once you start using it, it will conform to your head, making each hat even more unique. The materials continue to evolve over time, and only improves with age.

“We hope to reach people who dare to go their separate ways,” says the duo. The participation in this year’s Fashion Week in Paris and entry into some of the fashion industry’s hottest shops, much indicate that the target is completely within their reach ….

You can let you move further into Horisakis magical universe www.horisaki.com.