Have you ever been outside in the forrest or mountains in the break of dawn? It could be a magic experience. Thousands of hard working weavers might have created wonderful peaces of art for you to enjoy in the glow of sunrise.

Spider silk is made inside the spider`s body. Liquid proteins made into strong fibers, lightweight, resilient and strong. In contact with air the silk hardens.

Humans have always been fascinated and inspired by this marvelous waver. In different cultures the spider web is used as a symbol of life itself, destiny, temptation and sin.

Silk thread of a spider can be stretched until 40 percent before it bust, and the pull strength is five times greater than steel. Scientists worldwide have been trying to recreate the spiders spin, but no one has succeeded so far. *

Norwegian Scince Magazine; Illustrert Vitenskap IV nr 14,2008