slowly she strokes the reflection




"Slowly she strokes the reflection" is a collection of poems written by Kristin Ma Ellefsen. The poems can be read as a slow, dense narrative, or as individual independent poems.

Designing the book for these poems was a dream project. The book should be published in an exclusive edition of only 100 copies. The visual expression should be minimalist, feminine, transparent and light, focusing on the words. But how?

It came to me when I read the poems that they kind of felt like a mental breathing exercise. They have a rhythm that I associated with deep breaths,  and I visualized the frozen mist that appears when you breath the fresh air in the forest a cold autumn day. That association I wanted to hold on too.

Through exchange of ideas and some good conversations we ended up with a book without the use of ordinary illustrations, but with the use of silk, coal, plants, metal and various paper qualities. All books are made and sewn together by hand. The silk layers are hand dyed with different plants, herbs, and metal. It is hoped that the experiences the poems will give the readers are to be reinforced by the visual expression.

To work on this project has been deeply inspiring. I have been allowed to share some parts of the poems here, togheter with pictures of the book making process.

As already mentioned, the book are published in 100 copies only. It can be ordered here as long as supplies last.

If you are lucky enought to get a copy of this book, I recommend adopting the book slowly, let the words get time to seep in and fill you like deep breaths.

Marianne Vigtel Hølland