Would it not be wonderful to have thousands of invisible cleaning workers at your home ensuring it would remain clean and neat?


Pure Effect helps the good bacteria invade your home in order to keep the bad guys away.  
The products of Pure Effect are based on active bacterial cultures. The microbes take care of the biological degradation of nature by producing enzymes and other substances that break down organic matter. Grease and dirt are broken down and odour-producing bacteria are kept away with the help of good microorganisms.

Commercials would have us believe that we´re at "war" with bacteria. We´re told to clean with their "new and improved" formulas containing antibacterial substances that kill bacteria and help keep our homes spotless and germ-free!

There are several issues associated with these statements. Firstly, not all these cleaners actually do the job. Harmful chemicals encapsulate grease and dirt, but -instead of removing it- some will just be shuffled around in the house. The rest will go (with the chemicals) down the drain.

Secondly, antiseptic cleaners not only get rid of unwanted bacteria, they also kill the good bacteria in your house, leaving us even more vulnerable to attacks by more aggressive bacteria.

Traditional cleaners also often contain synthetic perfumes, giving the scent of clean house, and camouflaging harsh chemicals. But your body isn't fooled by the smell. You may have noticed  how your nose stings when spraying glass surfaces with cleaners? Your nails and hands may also react when exposed, and the environment in houses often cleaned with this type of detergents are probably not much to brag about.

In the end we´re sending quite a lot of harmful chemicals, down the drains and into the oceans. Unfortunately it´s a downward spiral.

Since we all want clean houses, it’s good to know there are now more environmentally friendly solutions on the market. These solutions are based on more effective, natural ingredients that are not harmful to the environment. Still, I’ve never heard of a more genius concept than the Swedish brand, Pure Effect.



When I first came across Pure Effect, I was so curious that I had to contact the people behind to ask them some questions. 

Pure Effect is turning the whole problem upside down. Their products are not about killing all bacteria; instead, they help good bacteria thrive and thus displace the bad.

You may have heard how the many millions of bacteria  living in our stomachs are important for both the immune system and digestion, and how probiotic food  (such as yogurt and fermented food) is beneficial for good health?

In principle, we could say that the same is true for your home’s wellbeing. Antibacterial detergents sweep away both wanted and unwanted bacteria, providing a fertile ground for any bacteria to establish. 


Pure Effect is based on a bacteria culture responsible for the nature’s own biological degradation processes. It works equally well in cracks, crevices and any other hard to reach places hard as it breaks down dirt and fights odour producing bacteria. Cleaning with Pure Effect feels honest, since it has no fragrance to camouflage any odours. It’s completely perfume free, but then you also know that it works (but you will have to give it some time to work if you use it in very smelly or dirty places. The formula is also readily biodegradable and based on a renewable resource.


Pure Effect is supplied as a high concentrate, meaning you´ll have to add water yourself, rather than straining the environment with unnecessary water transport. If you follow the instructions (adding only a few drops of All Clean to each spray bottle you fill) the products are extremely long-lasting.

Probiotic cleaning has been used in hospitals and other public spaces for more than 20 years. Yet no one made it available for us ordinary consumers (in Norway and Sweden at least) until now.  

Probiotic cleaning has been used in hospitals and other public spaces for more than 20 years. Yet no one made it available for us ordinary consumers (in Norway and Sweden at least) until now.  


Pure Effect can be used on all surfaces, so you can replace a multitude of cleaners with only one, creating more space on your shelves.

The design is lovely and my experience with the products so far is that they are incredibly effective! Glass surfaces become glossy, grease and sediment dissolve quickly, and odours are gone. Moreover I find that the results from cleaning with Pure Effect, lasts longer than other cleaners. For someone like me who doesn’t include housecleaning amongst my favourite activities, this might be the "icing on the cake”: when you’ve finished cleaning with Pure Effect, it will continue to do the job for you.


Then you can relax, read a book, go for a walk, do your yoga or whatever you prefer, knowing that your home will have a good and healthy indoor environment, and that you haven´t polluted the oceans with a lot of harmful chemicals. Plus you´ve just put thousands of nice little probiotic cleaners into action in your house. 

Thank you to Linda and Lina, the ladies behind Pure Effect for bringing such a thoughtful and environmental friendlyl concept into the world. They were also kind enough to provide me with product samples and information for this article.

If you would like to  know more about Pure Effect, there are a lot of interesting articles on their website where you can also may order their products .

Marianne Vigtel Hølland