Memories from Middalsbu. 

Walk. Letting ideas flow freely. Use your body. Collect energy. Good conversations. Laughter. 

Jump high of rodents that sudden appears from the heath . 
Disconnected. Letting time stand still. 

Drink water from the stream. Stop at the bottom of a fall to bathe. 
Climb a top and enjoy the view. 

Clear your mind, get new ideas. 

Rest at an old hunters cabin. 
Collect treasures along the riverbank under the evening sky. 
Early morning coffee in clear mountain air. 

Heaven on earth. 

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/ By: Heidi Bjørnsdotter Thorvik

Middalsbu is a self-service cabin from DNT (The Norwegian Trekking Association) located in Valldal, Hordaland. From here you can enjoy trekking along beautiful mountain valleys and riverbeds. It is also the starting point for “Vestvidda”. The highest peak on Hardangervidda, “Sandfloegga” at 1721 m, is a nice hike from the cottage. Read more about Middalsbu on You can also visit the DNT webpages. The Norwegian Trekking Associationcan can provide you with information to plan your hikes.