16.09.2014 / Words: Heidi Bjørnsdotter Thorvik 

This raw and beautiful lamps of fishskin are burned into our minds.  For the first time made as an installation in The Museum of Decorative Arts in Copenhagen under the name” The bird that flew away and left time behind”. (2001) The installation was a reflection on cultural identity an old traditions from Iceland. They have since then been presented in important galleries around the world such as Guggenheim in Berlin, FNAC in Paris and Scandinavian House in New York. They have also been written about in New York Times. Behind this product stand Fanney Antonsdottir og Dögg Guðmundsdóttir. Both from Iceland but living in Norway and Denmark. The lamps are still produced by hand in limited numbers. The handcraft and closeness to the material are still their focus. Plus in this production nothing is thrown away. First food, then lamp! Simply fantastic! We just love it!