Slow Design is not about pace, it is a mindset. Through a Slow approach to design and communication, I want to promote reflection and a more conscious approach to how the everyday choices you take has consequences, for yourself and others.

The goal is not necessarily to slow everything down, but reestablish a understanding of natural pace. Sometimes it is necessary to use more time in order to do things right.  Caring for nature, animals and people are central. Craftsmanship and quality is the counterweight to mass production and a consumer behaviour that has lost its proportions.

A MEANINGfull aproach 

Slow Design Studio is a creative studio run by Marianne Vigtel Hølland. Through own activities, counseling and reflection, I would like to be a small contribution towards a more ethical and conscientious consumer culture.

The studio is run by me alone, but I relate to a growing network of talented and creative people.

On this page you will find articles that reflect what I work with, are inspired by or admire. Products, places, people, ideas, or simply a good story.

Please contact me if you want to become a part of my network, or want an assessment of how you can bring  more value and meaning to your business.

I am so sorry that I cannot find the time to translate all my articles.  The ones I have translated you can find below.